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Company Profile

Name  Phytopharma Co., Ltd.



Piacentral 305, 2-5-18, choujamachi, Naka-ku,

Yokohama City,  Japan

President Shiba Shunichi
Established 2001-9-17
Paid up Capital US$ 1.3 million
Employee 17 staff (including advisors)
Key Customers Itochu corporation
Bankings Yokohama Bank, Mizuho Bank

Business scope





・Import and Export of Phyto-nutrients extracted from plants

・Industrial production technology development of natural

 active ingredients 

・Consulting services related to animal testing,clinical trials

 and natural product  purification

Phytopharma Co., Ltd.

Outline of Phytopharma Business

Focusing on our meaningful contribution to growth of Nutritious products extracted of plants (Phyto) ,  Phytopharma co., ltd has been engaged for more than 15 years on international and domestic sales/marketing of many kinds of well known nutritious ingredients and cosmetics originating mainly from plants and at the same time, introduction of newly developed products to customers and also our own technology know- how to processers out of Japan as well.


・Phytopharma will combine Japanese purification/ extraction technology with the

 requirement by raw material suppliers in China and other Asian countries so that

 we can contribute new quality and safety product to the needs demanded by

 world- wide customers , especially aged persons who want their healthy life and

 also women who want high quality cosmetics.

・Phytopharma will provide the finish-product processers with the proven quality

 ingredients to supply to and at the same time also introduce advanced

 technology know-how to manufacturers in Asia that want to improve their

 quality of product and production system.

・Phytopharma’s  Catch- words are “ Japanese quality , Chinese price”

・Phytopharma will provide safety proven products and faithful manner with


Basic strategy

Through a tight and trusted relationship built with quality manufacturers

in Japan, China and whole Asian countries, Phytopharma will expand possitive sales activity, bringing  proven standardized ingredients and advanced technology into those area and USA.

Company History



Company founded

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract on the market



Octacosanol, Mozuku fucoidan on the market

Mozuku fucoidan and Octacosanol containing rice (Patent No.: Patent Application JP2004-298160) on the market




The company developed 4 PB product series ‘’Supplement full scored’’ , Coenzyme Q10, α-Lipoic Acid in collaboration with Lawson (Convenience store) in Japan.



L-Ornithine Hydrochloride, D-Glucosamine Hydrochloride,

L-Carnitine Fumarate on the market



Black Soybean Hull Extract (Blackphenon®)

Bilberry Extract (Bluephenon®) on the market



Black sesame oil (gomaphenon oil), Sesamin-90, Rice ceramide,

Hyaluronic acid on the market



Palm tocotrienol (γ-rich Vita Pure),

δ-rich tocotrienol (δ-rich tocophenon) on the market



Tocotrienol isomer(α-tocotrienol, γ-tocotrienol, δ-tocotrienol) by contract- manufacturing

President Profile

Expertise:Molecular biology, natural product purification,with a number of

        patent applications        

1965  Born in Shanghai
Shanghai Second Medical University
Tokyo Medical and Dental University doctoral course
PP Company Established

  1) food style 21.79-82,vol 13. No.9, 2009
  2) J Atheroscler Thromb. 2010 Oct 27;17(10):1019-32.

    Epub 2010 Aug 10.
     Gamma delta tocotrienols reduce hepatic triglyceride synthesis

     and VLDL secretion.Zaiden N1, Yap WN, Ong S, Xu CH, Teo VH,

     Chan CP, Zhang XW, Nesaretnam K, Shiba S, Yap YL.


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email: phytopharma@trade.email.ne.jp
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