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Outline of Phytopharma Business 

Focusing on our meaningful contribution to growth of Nutritious products extracted of plants (Phyto) ,  Phytopharma co., ltd. has been engaged for more than 15 years on international and domestic sales/marketing of many kinds of well known nutritious ingredients and cosmetics originating mainly from plants and at the same time, introduction of newly developed products to customers and also our own technology know- how to processers out of Japan as well.


・Phytopharma will combine Japanese

 purification/ extraction technology with the requirement by raw material

 suppliers in China and other Asian countries so that we can contribute new

 quality and safety product to the needs demanded by world- wide customers ,

 especially aged persons who want their healthy life and also women who want

 high quality cosmetics.

・Phytopharma will provide the finish-product processers with the proven quality

 ingredients to supply to and at the same time also introduce advanced

 technology know-how to manufacturers in Asia that want to improve their

 quality of product and production system.

・Phytopharma’s  Catch- words are “ Japanese quality , Chinese price”

・Phytopharma will provide safety proven products and faithful manner with


Basic strategy

Through a tight and trusted relationship built with quality manufacturers

in Japan, China and whole Asian countries, Phytopharma will expand possitive sales activity, bringing  proven standardized ingredients and advanced technology into those area and USA.

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